Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for ASA?

The Registration tab above will help you register for After School Adventure, Awesome Summer Adventure, and everything in between. Whether you’re registering for the first time or returning to our program, the tab will tell you just what you need to know.

How do I pay my tuition?

You may place your payment in the “payment box” located at the parent Connection Table/Center, send it in by mail, call the office (360-733-6840) and pay by Visa or MasterCard, or bring it directly to The Firs Registration Office.

How do I sign my child in/out?

Sign-in binders are stored on the Parent Connection Table. Please sign and mark the time when you drop off your child or pick them up each day. Students can only be signed in/out by a parent or legal guardian who is over 18 years old. In addition, the person must have authorization to pick up the child, either noted on the registration form or with written permission from the guardian. ASA reserves the right to check identification of any person checking a student out for the safety of the child.

Will my child need money while at ASA?

The candy store is offered Wednesday and Thursday each week. This gives kids the chance to spend up to $2.00 on candy, or use quality coins earned for good behavior. Kids are welcome to bring money from home for these days, but it is not a requirement.

Should my child bring valuables to ASA?

No. Although each student has their own cubby to store their items, The Firs is not responsible for anything lost or stolen while a student is in our care. We also encourage students to keep outside toys at home to prevent damage during the ASA day.

Does ASA have a lost and found?

Yes. Our lost and found bucket is found under the Parent Connection Table. Periodically, this bucket is brought to The Firs office and stored. If you have lost and found items that you’d like us to look for, please fill out and submit this digital Lost & Found Form.

What happens if I pick up my child after 6:15pm?

If a student is picked up after the closure time, a late fee will be added to your bill. This consists of a $1.00/per minute charge for every minute late after 6:15. If you know you are running late, please call ahead so we can ensure your child has proper care until the time of your arrival.

Who can pick my child up from ASA?

Only people listed as an authorized pick-up on your registration form can pick up your child. If someone additional needs to pick up your child, please provide written confirmation ahead of time. In addition, the person picking the child up will be asked to show proper identification.

If school is closed, will ASA be open?

In the event of a holiday (ASA is available for most holidays – please see Parent Handbook for included/excluded holidays), teacher work day, or weather-related school closure, ASA will be open and offering a program. Please see more in the section labeled “All Day Adventure” under the above “Program” tab.

What do I do if my child is sick on a day they regularly attend ASA?

Please notify us as soon as you know your child will not need care. This can be done by calling the ASA phone (360-820-2031). When possible, please let us know of this change an hour before school is let out.

What do I do if my child does not need care on a day they regularly attend ASA?

If you know ahead of time they will not need care you can mark their absence on the monthly calendar located in at the Parent Connection Center. In addition you can notify us via the ASA phone. When possible, please let us know of this chance an hour before school is let out.

Does ASA offer summer care?

Yes. During the summer months our after school program becomes Awesome Summer Adventure and works side-by-side with Fircreek Day Camp. More information can be found above under the Programs tab.

Will my child have a chance to do homework while at ASA?

Yes! During station free play time kids can sit at our back tables and work on homework. In addition, a homework adventure is offered daily to give kids a chance to get work done.

How can I be involved in my childs experience at ASA?

Parents and family members can get involved through our Family Matters Events. More information about these events can be found under the above Programs tab.

If I don’t go to church is ASA still a good place to send my kid?

Yes. Although we believe each child is important to God we do not focus on denominational or religious distinctions. We are consistent with our mission by presenting the Biblical message of Jesus, and many lessons and activities in The Firs After School Adventure will include references to this foundational focus. At the same time, you can be assured that we will respect your child’s beliefs and freedoms.

How to I withdraw my child from ASA?

A withdraw form can be found at the Parent Connection Table. This form must be turned in two weeks prior to the date you wish to withdraw your child. Your final months payment will be calculated on a pro-rated bases, as long as a two weeks notice was given.