All Day Adventures

Is school closed? No need to worry; ASA is here. If it’s a holiday, teacher workday, or a weather-related school closure, ASA offers amazingly fun programs for your children.

To participate in one of these days, students must sign up in advance (except for weather-related closures) at the ASA Parent Connection Table or by filling out and submitting the Registration Form. There is an additional cost for these days (costs may vary, depending on the event/trip; parents will be notified in advance if an additional entrance fee applies).

In addition, please provide your child with a hearty bag lunch.

In the event of a weather-related closure, we will be open as long as we have adequate staff, heat, electricity, and a secure environment. If we are lacking in any of these areas, we will make every reasonable effort to contact you to inform you of a closure. If school closes early due to weather, we will continue to care for your child until you pick them up, as long as we can provide safe transportation from school to our facility.

Students should bring a hearty lunch. They should also wear clothing that can be layered for outdoor and indoor play. Rain gear and boots are recommended, in case of inclement weather.


20th – Unlike Wonder Woman’s plane, join us for a trip to the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum in Everett for a tour of two hangars filled with historical flight aircraft. We’ll also get to view an educational and informational film for kids simply called, “Why War”. The trip will leave at 10:00am and return by 4:00pm. Kids will need a bag lunch and clothing for exploring outside.


3rd – Tragedy has struck the Heroes at ASA! A well-loved hero has gone missing, and we need your help to find them! Join us for a day of surprises, hunting for clues, and solving the mystery of where the missing hero went. Can we find the hero in time, or will the villains win the day? Only time will tell! Kids will need a bag lunch.

10th – According to Batman and Robin, the best way to celebrate Veteran’s Day is on a boat. With that in mind, join us for a trip to Seattle’s Center for Wooden Boats. This fun field trip will include making your own boat to take home, learning about how large ships work, and more! Kids will need to bring a bag lunch and clothing to be outside for the afternoon. The trip will leave at 9:00am and return to ASA no later than 4:30pm.


8th – Thanks to a visit from the well-known X-Men Storm, we will be enjoying some snowy and icy weather to help us get ready for the upcoming holiday season. Indoor snowball fights, building human snowmen, and even sled races are all on the schedule for this wintry-themed day. Kids will need to bring a bag lunch. (NOTE: No snow is needed for the activities.)


15th – One of the best super powers you can have is your brain. Just ask Professor Xavier! For this day off school, kids will get to travel with ASA to the Skagit Children’s Museum. Located in the Skagit Valley Mall, this children’s museum is a perfect mix of learning, playing, and exploring! Kids will need a bag lunch. Trip will leave at 10:00am and return by 4:00pm.

24th – Eight sure is great! So, to help kick off 2018, kids will get to take on 8 different games and challenges to prove they have what it takes to hang with Spider Man. These will include activities like line tag, web toss, silly string art, and more! Kids will need a bag lunch for the day.


9th – Although some may say he’s not super enough, we at ASA love the Iron Giant. Taking inspiration from this one-of-a-kind movie, kids will get to use recycled materials to make fun crafts, create new games, and compete in the second annual ASA Egg Drop! Their brains will be put to the test in this fun and inventive All Day Adventure. Kids will need a bag lunch.

19th – (This trip is not yet confirmed with MRC; stay posted for confirmation.) Get ready to spend the day with Aquaman as we head to Abbotsford, BC’s MRC Pool! This Olympic-sized wave pool has lots of fun toys to play on, ride in, and climb over, as well as the excitement of indoor waves. Always a favorite field trip for staff and kids alike, this trip across the border is well worth it for a day of aquatic fun! Kids will need a swimsuit and a towel, as well as a hearty lunch. Field trip will leave at 9:00am and return by 4:00pm at the latest. [NOTE: This trip does take kids across an international border into Canada. Additional paperwork, including birth certificates, will be required for the day.]


9th – Time to get ready for some red, white, and blue Olympics, with none other than Captain America! Kids will be placed onto one of three teams and face off in a series of team comps and games. Each new activity will help them prove that their team color should reign supreme! Kids will need to bring a bag lunch.


27th – A scientist to his core, join The Beast for a trip to the Seattle Pacific Science Center. Kids will enjoy learning and playing with hands-on fun in this interactive and informative museum. Field trip will leave at 9:00am and return to camp by 5:00pm at the latest. Please send your child with a bag lunch.


8th – For our final Purple Friday of the school year, ASA is excited to head outside to enjoy the spring weather at Larrabee State Park. Kids will get to explore tide pools, go on hikes, and enjoy nature just like the adorable Groot! Kids will need clothing to be outside all day and a bag lunch. Field trip will leave at 9:00am and return no later than 4:00pm.


Send completed forms to:

The Firs ASA
4605 Cable Street
Bellingham, WA  98229