To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: The Firs ASA Program

I am a single mother of 3 children and I have been attending The Firs since my 12-year-old was in first grade. At the time of me putting my children in this program, I was going through some difficult transitions. I was a displaced homemaker who was making the change of becoming a full-time student so that I could return back to the workforce. Often times I would drop my children off at 6:45am and pick them up at 6:15pm. My children and I were always greeted with warmth and at the end of each day saluted with care.

This program is not only in the business of taking care of children before and after school, but they are genuinely concerned about the well-being of the family. I have had ASA staff give their time and resources to help out in times of need, to come to my children’s extra-curricular activities, and to provide scholarships at times of hardships for special programs.

I find the family fun events to be the most rewarding. The program really knows how to implement the family structure and the values that they instill in my children are the same values that I take comfort in.

ASA’s contribution to the community is irreplaceable. They are not only building the next generation but they are making sure that no family is left behind.

I would encourage you to continue to partner with this organization to provide funds for this before and after school program, but to also extend some resources for the summer programs that this organization runs. It is challenging to find a place where each child will be accepted and have a fun summer, while parents can continue their business of being providers.

I continue my relationship with ASA because not only do my children love arriving there each morning & afternoon, but I know that my children are receiving the best care in Whatcom County, in an atmosphere that understands children, families, and shows the love of God.


Ariane S. Hayes
Parent of ASA children
Since 2003

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